Content Strategy in the Agency World

by | February 15, 2019 | 0 comments

Not to sound too dramatic, but being a content strategist in a digital agency can be a lonely experience. Many digital agencies still don’t focus on hiring content strategists to help with the, yes, content! In this episode, I talk with Jim Jacoby, a well-loved digital agency founder, who understood at an early stage the importance of content strategy and shares his insight into how to make content strategy fit within a digital agency.

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About Jim
Jim leverages user-centered (UX) methods to derive new insights. He leads businesses through transformative change with his innovations in the experience design field which he has pioneered for nearly two decades. Before his work with ADMCi, he built and sold one of the most successful privately owned creative agencies in the country based on these techniques. He is now expanding the field further by applying the tenets of master-craftsmanship in a twenty-first century context, especially with the Studio for Digital Craftsmanship.


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