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Rebecca Steurer

Content Academy Co-Founder
Content Strategist
Content Strategy Coach

For the past two decades, I have helped numerous organizations and individuals throughout the nation reach and connect with their audience by developing and implementing strategies that produce the right information at the right time for the right audience using the right presentation style throughout their content ecosystem. After starting my career as a content manager at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, I advanced into agency life where to oversee content strategy teams at two privately owned digital marketing agencies in Chicago. Throughout my journey, I’ve learned how to successfully transform complicated pieces of content into a purposeful, meaningful and engaging information that is found, viewed and used.

My mission is to constantly optimize content strategies as technology evolves. While I stay active as the founder and principal of the content strategy agency, ContentRS – Making content real simple and teaching content strategy via Content Academy, Succeed with Content Strategy is my platform to help you understand what content strategy is and how you can succeed with content strategy!

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